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Meet the Aggie ACHIEVE Students!

Aggie ACHIEVE Program

Picture of Aggie ACHIEVE students preparing for the semester out front of the fountain in the MSC courtyard
Aggie ACHIEVE students excited for the new semester with some of their ACHIEVEmates!

The Aggie ACHIEVE Program is a four-year post-secondary program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program allows students with IDD to participate in a college education that also prepares them for later employment. Aggie ACHIEVE is focused on creating a more inclusive and immersive educational precedent in our society, and, therefore, their students participate in coursework that follows the students goals and interests, on-campus clubs and organizations, school traditions, etc. With a determination to making education without boundaries, STRIDES could not be more excited to partner withAggie ACHIEVE in an effort to push educational inclusivity. We hope that this partnership leads to more students being able to participate and thrive within the Aggie ACHIEVE program.

PATHS Certificate Program

New class of PATHS students excited for the new year!

The PATHS Certificate Program is an organization that is partnered with the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University and the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Texas at Austin to provide a one-year program for students with IDD in which they are awarded a certificate and are prepared to be Direct Support Professionals, Para-Professionals, or Child Care Professionals. By participating in this program, the students are able to leave with both classroom and career experience. As there are so few programs for students with IDD, the PATHS program is the perfect opportunity for students to learn in a classroom similarly to any other post-secondary education, while also learning skills they will be able to use in home and career settings following the one-year program. STRIDES could not be more proud of this outstanding program and all the opportunities the open up for these students. We hope that our partnership with PATHS will allow for more students to attend and complete the program, opening their possibilities.