PATHS and ACHIEVE Student Grants

STRIDES not only focuses on yearly scholarships for students, but also hopes to assist students throughout their time at Texas A&M. Therefore, we have devoted a portion of our funding towards continuous grant funds to help current students with unexpected and expensive miscellaneous costs. Our grants are equally split between the PATHS Certificate Program and the Aggie ACHIEVE Program. Any of the current students in these programs has the chance to apply to receive money from these grants. We hope these grants can alleviate some of the burden faced by students pursuing a post-secondary education!

Students, please read below for more information

Please fill out the form below and email the completed form to STRIDES will then review your request and notify you if it has been accepted or declined within 14 days of your submission. These grant applications are separate from the scholarship applications.

The grant applications are only for students who are currently in the programs and need aid in paying for some of the smaller expenses of college as they come up. Please visit our scholarship application page to apply for a scholarship as a new or current student in the Texas A&M programs. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you!