We are very excited about working with others who are passionate about our mission! Although STRIDES does not have a general membership, we do have opportunities for you to work as a part of our executive team. We are looking for driven individuals with a passion for helping others and a drive to make equal access to education a reality. Please check out the links below for the position descriptions of each position available for the 2023-2024 year!

These positions are all volunteer positions, and hours will vary based on the projects that we are working on. However, STRIDES is a team, and all that we do is centered around teamwork. Therefore, we strive to make sure that no one is ever overburdened by their tasks and that we support each other as we work to support these students.

The application process will involve a written application and a follow-up interview for the position. Applications are currently open. To begin the application process, email Following contact, the application process will include reviewing the roles of the position of interest and a quick interview.

Once new executives are chosen, there will be an integration period over the summer, where you will work side-by-side with the current individual in your position. This ensures that you are comfortable with your duties and prepared to take over in the summer. If you have any questions at all, please email

We look forward to getting to meet you!

Executive Positions Open

Below is a description of the positions currently open. Once you have emailed our team regarding your interest in working for our team, we will review what position will work best for you.

Director of Public Relations

The Director of Public Relations is designed to develop and execute strategies that uphold the positive image of STRIDES throughout all media platforms, including, but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and our website. They are also responsible for creating unique methods for gaining a following on these platforms, and maintaining the followers we have by displaying the work that STRIDES is involved in. They must actively respond to any direct messages, emails, or contact via our website promptly and professionally. The Director of Public Relations is the face of STRIDES, and, therefore, must be knowledgeable on all STRIDES activities, a vigilant and active responder, and willing to research strategies to increase STRIDES reach. Our organization depends on our ability to build our support base, so it is the Director of Public Relations’ duty to consistently be in search of opportunities and avenues for us to expand our media outreach. 

As close partners with both the PATHS and Aggie ACHIEVE programs, they must also make sure to aid both of these groups through social media by reposting and promoting their content. Both programs are important to STRIDES’ awareness mission, and should be consistently interacted with.  

The Director of Public Relations is also in charge of designing different graphics and artistic designs for social media, the website, flyers, t-shirts, signage, and other merchandise as prompted. 

Lastly, the Director of Public Relations, much like any other STRIDES executive position, must be able to fulfill any other tasks that the group needs assistance on, and help with items that do not fit any other officer position, if not given to another executive.

Director of Special Events

The Director of Special Events plays the role of organizing the different aspects of any large, annual, non-campus affiliated, fundraising event. These events will be the major annual fundraising events for STRIDES and can be campus-organization collaborative events, golf tournaments, and other events which will bring large numbers of donors. Any “special” event should have the goal of reaching individuals who: 

  • Care about the STRIDES mission 
  • Want to support STRIDES financially in our mission 
  • Will enjoy the event 
  • Will want to come and participate in the event next year

Aspects of any event can include: catering, registration, pricing, venue location, getting sponsors, on-site fundraising (such as a paddle raise at a gala, or a silent auction at a golf tournament), miscellaneous event services (ice coolers/paint instructors/etc.), participants thank you gifts, and anything else under event logistics. 

Every member of the executive team will be involved in planning such special events, however it is the DOSE’s job to present ideas for the executive team to discuss, with different options (pros cons of each) for each idea. When researching and planning the DOSE should be mindful that the event should always put the donor first, with the goal that the donors will appreciate and remember STRIDES vividly. After an event has been planned and executed, more of the responsibility will fall on the DOSE each subsequent year the event is held. While the DOSE has their own role, they are also responsible for aiding other members of the executive team in their own endeavors.