Financial Information

STRIDES is dedicated to serving our mission and ensuring that all contributions we receive are spent wisely and in the most productive way possible. We work to maximize the effect of each and every dollar we receive to provide the greatest impact on our mission.

You will find attachments to our 2021-2022 Statement of Activity and our 2021-2022 Statement of Financial Position. You can view our detailed financials and where we plan to continue working in these documents. Additionally, we’ve made some pretty graphs below to show our previous year as well! To help us continue growing, please visit our donate page. Any contribution we receive is incredibly important to us. Plus, as you can see, we make sure your money has a direct impact!

In our first fiscal year, we raised over $13,000 from individuals! We cannot stress enough how important our individual supporters are to our success.
This last year, we only spent a total of $29,175.52, and $18,000 of that went toward scholarships! That means that nearly 62% of every donation went toward our mission.